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Founded in 2012, RAFAF is the leading organization in the field of fine arts, antiques and design in Russia. RAFAF holds several international exhibitions a year in different cities of Russia. We are exclusive partners with well-known galleries from the USA, Europe and Asia, which sell and represent the leading artists on the planet. As well as galleries, which are leaders in the sale of famous artists of the past and are ready to present their works at an exhibition in Russia, exclusively through us. The high quality of the work offered at our exhibitions is ensured by a rigorous selection of participating dealers and galleries.
Despite the high cost of works (up to 5 million Euros), galleries sell works at our exhibitions thanks to excellent guest lists.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of RAFAF, you can contact our Art Director, Alexey Volobaev,


- 17.02.2020
Sochi, entertainment center of the Marriott Hotel on Krasnaya Polyana
With the support of the Amur Tiger Center, an organization created by the Russian Geographical Society on the initiative of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Volkhonka Art Project is proud to present the international Art Exhibition: Russian Tigers. There are several artists and sculptors on our planet who are literally "sick" with the beauty of this huge and rare beast. The exhibition promises to be a cultural international event and delight lovers of contemporary figurative art.
- 31.01.2020
10:00 - 21:00
Sochi, Center "Galaxy" on Krasnaya Polyana
RAFAF (Russian Antiques and Fine Art Fair), the flagship Volkhonka Art Project, has been held in Russia since 2012. Its purpose is to acquaint its guests with works of art from around the world. Each exhibit is carefully selected by the vetting committee after verifying the authenticity and aesthetic value for the audience.

Past fairs

RAFAF Sochi Autumn 2019

The first exhibition of this level in the region, RAFAF, was successfully held in the historical seaport of Sochi in September 2019: it was visited not only by Sochi residents, but also by city guests, including collectors and customers from Moscow.
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