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- 31.01.2020
10:00 - 21:00
Sochi, Center "Galaxy" on Krasnaya Polyana
RAFAF (Russian Antiques and Fine Art Fair), the flagship Volkhonka Art Project, has been held in Russia since 2012. Its purpose is to acquaint its guests with works of art from around the world. Each exhibit is carefully selected by the vetting committee after verifying the authenticity and aesthetic value for the audience.


The exhibition will tell about the different visions of animals by famous artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.
In addition to the works of recognized masters of the 20th century (Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall), the world’s leading animal artists will present their expositions: Mark Coreth, Helmut Koller, Muhadin Kishev, Sergey Tsigal.

Cultural program

Helmut Koller (b. 1954) is an artist and photographer of Austrian descent, well known for his colorful, bold and festive paintings of animals that are collected around the world. After Koller completed his training as a photographer, he became an official photographer of the Vienna State Opera, capturing legends such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Leonard Bernstein and Rudolf Nureyev. After moving to America, since 1987, along with his first series of paintings, “Tribute to Egon Schiele,” Koller switched from photography to painting. Starting with highly expressive and erotic art inspired by Egon Schiele, in 1997 he moved on to subjects of his choice: vibrant and hyper-realistic animals.

Koller’s style, Kollerism, is defined as a realistic representation of the form and abstraction of colors.

These symbolic and surreal animal portraits are chosen by bold collectors around the world (in Asia, Europe and America) because they are attracted by this transgressive and strong spirit, which comes from a mixture of natural beauty, cultural significance attributed to the particular animal depicted and a very subjective choice of colors selected by the artist; his personal shows were recently released at the Fritz Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida (January 2019), at the Barbara von Stekhov Gallery in Frankfurt (May 2019), Monte Carlo, Sochi (September 2019) and at the gallery her Four Forty Four in San Francisco (December 2019).

In December 2019, Miami Art Summit presented Helmut Kohler with the Gritdaily Award (in the Emerging Artist of the Year nomination).

Mark Kore (born 1958) is a famous English sculptor whose work reflects his instinctive understanding of the mood of the animals he sculpts. His unusual way of working is to create a sculpture directly from his objects that live in the field. So, especially for his collection of Amur tigers, which will be presented in Sochi, he went to Siberia to study the behavior of these animals. For our exhibition, he will come to Russia again and will make a new sculpture in front of the public.

Sergey Tsigal (1949), corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, hails from a well-known Russian family of artists and writers. His works are in the largest museums in Russia: the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Muhadin Kishev (born 1939) is an academician of several Academy of Arts.
Many of Kishev’s monumental works adorned the government facilities of the 4th Main Directorate of the USSR Ministry of Health. Currently, Mukhadin Kishev lives and works in Spain, in the city of Cadiz. He regularly participates in charity exhibitions.
His famous color style is known in Russia, Spain and the UK. Mukhadin Kishev’s paintings are in Russian museums.

Graphic work

Галерея выставки